Ricks Cafe in Negril, Jamaica

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Negril Jamaica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is one of my favorite parts of the island.

Rick’s Cafe in Negril Jamaica is one of Jamaica’s most famous hot spots.

Resting at the top of a cliff on the far west end of Jamaica, it boasts some of the best sunsets in the world!

The view from the cliff is absolutely breathtaking.


During the day many people choose to jump off the cliffs and swim in the beautiful ocean water.  The water is so clear, it almost looks drinkable.

The highest cliff is about 35 feet.  You will also catch some very skilled locals making risky and daring dives from as far as the tops of trees on the actual cliff – you have to see this for yourself and I promise you will be in awe.

These locals do ask for a “donation” to make these jumps.  You aren’t entitled to donate anything but they won’t jump until enough donations are put in.


This venue is appropriate for people of all ages – many children end up jumping the cliffs as well and have a great time doing it.

Once you enter the café you can walk down the rocky steps and take the stairs into the incredibly blue water. Or you may choose to jump from one of the 5 jump off points.

I believe what makes this trip a fantastic one is that you don’t actually have to jump the cliffs yourself to feel the adrenaline.  As you watch other vacationers take the plunge you too feel the excitement and experience the thrill.

If you do decide to take the big leap into the water the journey down may feel a bit long.  You are pretty high up so once you hit water you will feel a slight sting, but that won’t even matter once you realize how awesome the entire experience is.

Everyone will cheer!!


I strongly recommend that you make it in time for sunset. So schedule to get there by 5pm, or earlier if you plan on diving.

Around sunset the ambience is just about perfect.  It’s the ideal time to take beautiful photos and consume the wonderful band music.  The live band plays tasteful reggae songs and features a lot from the legend himself, Bob Marley.

It sets the perfect Jamaican vibe.


Some people have complained about the overall service from the waitresses and store employees.  They always include tip in the bill, so this may be why good customer service is lacking.

This is the only attraction in Jamaica that I’ve heard complaints about which is very disappointing.

Also, this is a major tourist venue so the food and drinks are pricey.  I strongly suggest if you are on a tight budget, to come with your belly full and leave in time to make it back to your hotel for dinner.

If you have the money to spare, it’s really nice to relax and have a few drinks.  The food is pretty average here though.

The menu includes buffalo wings, chicken tenders and salsa and chips.  There is fish, meat and vegetarian selections available as well.

Overall, some people dislike the cafe business but love the scenery.  Many go just to take photos and experience the diving.


What to bring:

Camera (a must)

A lot of change

Full belly (preferably)

Swim wear if you plan on jumping or swimming

Sunset in Jamaica: 6:00pm

History of Rick’s Cafe

The cliff side was originally owned by a local doctor who was the son of the first Governor General of the newly independent Jamaica.  However, Rick’s Cafe was founded in 1974 by Richard Hershman.  At this time Negril was pretty quiet with very few establishments, electricity, telephone or running water.  Negril was always known for the wonderful seven mile beach, however, Rick’s Cafe added another breathtaking attraction.  It was the first public bar and restaurant in the area that possessed such a magnificent view of the sunset.

Unfortunately, in 1988 Hurricane Gilbert hit the island and totally destroyed Rick’s Café.  The waves went as high 25 feet on the cliff and over the trees.  Rick’s Cafe was soon rebuilt but Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004 and destroyed it again.  Waves from Hurricane Ivan went as high as 60 to 80 feet.  Once Hurricane Ivan passed, Rick’s Cafe came back bigger and even better.

Click here for tours & tickets to Ricks Cafe.

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